YZ450F or YZ250F for Woods Riding

Have you guys with the numb hands problem tried Flexx bars?

I have an 09 YZF 450 that I used for woods. It worked for the most part. If it was much above 80 degrees and no wind it would boil over in the tight stuff. Over use the clutch and you are boiling over in no time. Recently I built up an 07 YZ 144 to use in the woods. After riding the 2T for the first woods event I realized just how heavy the 450 was! I rode the 450 for mx and woods because at the time it's all I had, it did the trick for awhile. I wouldn't recommend purchasing a YZF 450 to use specifically for the woods, especially if they are tight and your climate is warm.

I'm finding the 2011 YZ450F fantastic in the woods.

I ride my '10 primarily in the woods. All stock except for a Rekluse EXP, race map, compression/rebound adjustments and some handguards. Suits me just fine. A 250f would be better IN MY CASE because I am a smaller rider (130lbs 5'10) and just don't need 450f power in such tight, wet trails...but I still love my 450f. Going to respring it for my weight and change to a 49 tooth sprocket then call it done. Maybe a revalve if I feel its necessary but the stock suspenion is real good.


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