2001 yzf 426 wont rev out *help*

Hey everyone I resently got a 01 yzf 426 bike is in great shape top end recently done...the baffle though it had seen better days..it was garbage (2 large holes). So I came across a stock yzf 450 exhaust off of an 09..it was literally brand new. So I put that exhaust on my 426 and tested it and it was excellent very very fast lol. So the other day i was out rippin around all of a sudden she lost her new found power and now will not wind out ...the bike starts no problem idles great and drives but when ya try and get her hoppin it just will not rev out..any suggestions and help would be great!

Take a look at the diaphragm in your carburettor. I had a similar problem a while back and it was due to a split in the diaphragm.

Ya I was thinkin that will check it thanks for the info! At the moment I am suffering a sore foot as she kicked me back today when I was gonna start it..lol ouch!

Check the electrics, start with a new plug.. Thats what i would do :thumbsup:

ok so I have replaced spark plug and cleaned carb..checked diaphragm it looks good. I would be suspicious that the jets are causeing it to act like this since I changed the exhaust but it ran very well when tested...One thing I did notice is that it blew out lil rubber seals at each end of the baffle thats under where rivets go around each end.. could this small of an exhaust leak be the cause?

I'd be suspicious of the exhaust. Not because of the holes, but because of the possibility of the core or packing failing, or the muffler just being that restrictive. The pipe was taken off the '09 for a reason. :thumbsup:

so I repacked the muffler with fmf 4 stroke packing ...maybe a lil better but still not right..I have a chance to pick up a full white brothers exhaust system that came off another 01 426 when guy sold his bike he sold it with the stock one. Sooo I have no clue whether this would be a good exhaust system or not..can anyone let me know if these work well or not? I figure it should be better than the stock one I have that is off a yzf450 ..

I tried to put a YZ pipe on my WR once, the whole bike changed. Hard to start, didn't idle right, and didn't run as good. I put the WR pipe back on(without the silencer) it woke back up! Idk why but it really didn't like that YZ pipe.

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