does anyone make a electric start kit for the 600r

a buddy of mine has a 1994 xr600r and he was wondering if there might be somebody out there who makes an electric start kit for the bike?

good old manual ASS is all I know of!! get TDC and give it hell! works every time! :)

Lisa, I also have a 94 xr600 and when I first got it I hated the kick start; Everytime I crashed, It would take forever to kick the gas out of the combustion chamber and make it start. This was always after I picked up the beast off the side of a hill and I was dead tired in 90 degree+ weather. I was going to sell it and get a "button bike". However, I found an Edlbrock Quicksilver carb off ebay and installed it. Now it starts so easily. Just kick it through a couple times and bam! I really don't miss having an electric start now. Besides I'm pretty sure that nobody makes a button for the xr600. It starts real easily right after a crash. Note, however that I took it to the high mountains and could not start it, tried for 20 minutes. I finally thought to adjust the external mixture knob to adjust for the thinner air and it started immediately.

I hope this helps.


Read SOMEWHERE that Baja Designs is coming out with one very soon. DIdn't find anything on their website about it.

There is a starter.

It's on the 650L.

lots of work, lots of money, but can be done.

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