Trailtech Endurance Mounting

For those of you who have installed the endurance on your bike. Did you have to drill into the caliper to mount the magnetic pickup or did you epoxy it? I just recieved mine today and couldn't figure out how attach it to the caliper. If I just epoxy it, will it last? From the picture on their website it looks like they drilled and tapped a hole to mount it. How's you guys do it? :)



It's been a while since I've done this, but I recall having to drill a small hole into the caliper and the sensor was installed with a self tapping screw that was supplied in the kit. It works well and I've talked to plenty of people using them on XR's, CRF's, DRZ's, YZF's, etc.

Great, thats what it looked like in the pics but I wanted to be sure. Thier instructions leave alot to the imagination and my imagination always costs me money :D

Off to the garage I go :)

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