Chainguide and chainrattle ?


I am having trouble with my chain is "ratteling" and is eating my steelframe on my wr426 2001.

It's not when i am accelerating, but when I am doing a 70-80km/t pace.

I have found a solution on a german forum.

Does anyone have any input to this solution, or even a better one ?

My chain is tighten the most I can, slack about 45mm !

Regards Carsten

Carsten, My guess is that the chain is probably in need of replacement, that's why it's bending sideways enough to run into the subframe at a steady throttle. How old is the chain? Lots of miles? I do like that German solution you found though!!! Maniac

Brand new renthal sprockets 14/48, and a cheap, but new oring chain called THC.

Do these chains slap when you go off jumps ? Mine seems to a lot

It is most when I am doing commuting at 70- 80 km/t in 5 gear, if I go down to 4 gear it dissapers, but makes the engine run to many rpm, for longer distance.

Seems like a specific speed and rpm, makes the chain have a "resonance frequence"

I will defently try the german chainguide mod, when I have some time to do so. I was more hoping someone in here, had taking the design to the next level, maybe like somekind of vertical chainroller ?

Because it seems to be a common thing, that these machines eat a little in the frame, and touch the rear tire, it would be nice with a final solution at this..


OK, so your chain shouldn't be the issue then, seeing as how it's new. Are you sure your sprockets are aligned properly, front to rear? On my WR, the marks on the chain adjustment blocks are off horribly. Like by 1/2"!!! Maniac

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