2006 wr450 suspension help

I was doing some small jumps less than 3 feet and bottomed out my shocks a few times, how do I adjust it to make it stiffer and how do I judge how stiff it needs to be? I think it's so soft in the rear it makes it hard to wheelie as well?

Start by playing with the compression clickers on your shock and forks.

My 08' seems to soft too. Are the adjustments the same for all years?

In the manual it seems like there are 2 different places on the shock to make adjustments, I only located one. The other has an "S - H" marked above it. Where is that one located?

Also, how can I tell the stiffness of my shock spring? Are they color coded? Mine's silver.

I didn't try playing with the forks because the handlebars were too close to reach the screws. Are those the only adjusters on the forks?

It's hard to tell exactly what/where some of the adjusters are from the drawings in the manual.

The compression adjusters on your forks are on the very bottom of each fork leg. You have to remove the rubber plugs to get to them. The ones on top are rebound adjustment.

On your shock the one you probably found is one of the compression adjustments (can't remember if the screw or nut is low speed compression though). The blue nut around the screw clicker is the other compression adjuster. If you look at the shock down by the linkage there is another clicker that is your rebound.

All WRs of each year come with the same spring rates to my knowledge (I don't know what they are off the top of my head though).

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