Black plastic for a Baja Kit'd WR400F?

Anyone know where I can find a tank, shrouds, side panels, rear fender w/light housing, front fender(Motard style), and hopefully the front light housing, in BLACK??

Any help would be great!



From what I've seen, you wont find the Headlight Plastic, or the Rear Fender w/ Tailight housing Plastic in Black. All of the remaining YZ plastic will work for the WR400. They do make it in Black for the YZ. Not sure about the black tanks though.

There's always Krylon Fusion for the stuff they don't make in black. Doubt it will work on the tank though.

Clarke make a YZ tank in black. :) I have an Acerbis DHH headlight in black, looks pretty neat. For the rear, just use a black YZ rear fender from UFO/Acerbis, and fit a small enduro tail light.

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