2009 YZ450F parts replacin'

Eh boi's and gals. Time to the bikes out and mon to some trails and roads. But before I am able to do that, I figured I should ask all of you experts some questions about my 2009 YZ450f.

Just wondering if there is anything I should be aware of for my bike, or anything that should be replaced before the season really mons around. I bought er with about 30-40 hours on it and I would say it now has close to 120-150 hours. All paved road driving mostly, she was never raced or stressed tremendously. Engine was never touched on er, that is why I have came here to ask you fellas if there is anything I should replace. Also, do you guys know of any tire makes that produce street and trail tires that would fit my bike ? I found one tire and it was a (2.75 19inch) not too sure if she'll fit or not but I'm in need of one because my motocross tires burn through in about 2 weeks from all the rod driving.

I'd appreciate your input and any knowledge that you would like to share with me.

Take'r easy trouts, Thanks !

I read this in a Wisconsin accent.

usually it wouldnt hurt to throw a piston and rings in it. But that depends on how hard you are riding it and how much you do your maintence. The I got an 09 with 100hrs on it and its running great!!! I cant complain at all!

But back to the top end, i seen guys go 300+ hours without a problem. And maybe take a look at the valves, just to check em. BTW i need to haha i never checked mine haha. And i believe that tire should work.

But hey good luck!

As far as internal engine, I'd just put a cam chain in it, check the valve clearances, and call it good.

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wait, why do you have an mx bike if all you ride is paved roads?

Well i couldnt afford a WR450 so i said might as well mon to a YZ. I'll take my chances driving on mainroads and just hope for the best i dare say. Too much fun riding on the road i gotta say.

Im going to take'er to the shop and get the valves checked on er just as a precaution. It starts on the 1st and sometimes the 2nd


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