Automotive oil briefly

When i need to flush my oil for whatever reason, i usually pour in a cheap automotive oil and go for a short ride. I then drain it an pour in a motorcycle oil.

Will this short term use of the automotive oil cause any harm?

Personally I would prefer using a cheap motorcycleoil instead, witch garanteed has no low friction modyfiers in there.

In worst case it would cost you a new set of clutch plates.

Just my opinion

Regards Carsten


I would opt for rotella 15-40.

I would opt for rotella 15-40.

Good oil, easy and inexpensive to get. Don't know if you have Walmart's up there but they carry 5 quart jugs for real cheap.

I have used it and works well with the auto clutch.

Thanks for the replies, ill see if i can find some rotella.

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