Fork Fluid change for woods riding

I recently rode a friends KTM 520 and really liked the plushness of the suspension. Since I mainly ride woods with my yzf426, I was wondering if I switched to a 3wt fluid in the front forks if this would give me a similar ride. Any advice?

From what I have seen, fork fluid viscosity will make a very, very minor change. If your riding a YZF, your suspension was setup a little stiffer than a woods bike would be. Even a WR may be a little stiff, depending on the type of terrain your talking about. Your weight also has alot to do with it, if your on the light side, your suspension will feel stiff. Also if your buddy's KTM was revalved already or is a EXC or MXC it will come a little softer than a normal MX bike. I would suggest a re-valve by a reputable company. They will ask what kind of riding you do, how much you weigh, riding level, etc. That is the best way to get a good plush suspension.


I have heard that the YZ's suspension is not suited for the woods. Pretty far off so says my suspension guy. Like the previous guy suggested, get a re-valve by a good company.


Thanks for the advice guys. I think at the end of the season I'll take my forks to have them revalved. Sounds like something that would payoff in the long run.

Don Vann

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