2012 Flywheel and Stator Retrofit into 2011 Motor

Hey guys,

Can anyone confirm or deny that the 2012 three-phase stator and 12-1 toothed flywheel will bolt into a 2007-2011 engine? This is for a Formula SAE application where we benefit from the increased wattage output and have already converted the engine to EFI, so the OEM trigger setup is likely more reliable than our custom approach.

For the 2012 vs the 2011, the parts fiche shows the same two bolt holes for the stator and the same mounting bracket for the VR sensor. The starter clutch fiche page for each shows that the 2012 sprag clutch bolts in, while the 2011 presses in. Gear 3, which the starter clutch spins around is the same part number for each. The 2012 starter clutch would thus be required with the flywheel and stator.

Any input is much appreciated. Thanks!

Bump. Does anyone out there know what the changes to the crank for 2012 gave it a new part number?

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