'11 450F Questions re suspension.

Hey Guys

Just picked up a 2011 YZ450F with only 2 hours on, it's my first 4 stroke ( came off a YZ250 ) and so far I'm very happy with it.

I searched through a bunch of suspension related threads here but just had a couple of question for clarification.

The stock fork springs are .47's - is that correct ?

What are the rear free sag parameters ?

I've only ridden it twice but so far the back feels pretty good but I'm going to need to go to heavier fork springs for sure.

Thanks !

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Fork springs are .47, mine is a US model that I imported,

sag is a personal thing, but most guys recommend 100mm rider and a min of 25 to 30mm static at a max of 10mm preload,

I race off road with mine and run 108mm rider at 30mm static,

I have increased the rebound stack in the shock as i prefer the rear to be stable, I can run the reb adjuster farther out but have more rebound controll,

Play around with it until youre comfortable

Great thanks !

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