Do I want a WR400?

I am looking to by my first bike and was thinking about getting a used WR400. My main concern is difficuty starting and reliability. I had considered an XR or TTR do to their ease of use and reliability but think I might be happier with a WR for several reasons. 2-strokes need to much attention to stay running well but what about these hi-po 4-strokes?



The dub r is only difficult for ex 2 smokers to start and those that don't know the starting drill. I have no problems starting mine with sandles on. In terms of reliability, my 99 is still stong w/ no problems. Most say it is as reliable as the XR. My last bike was a 96 XR 250r and I can say the build quality of the WR is as good and better in many areas. The bike is built for racing. I do know that the 99 or later dub r is better than the 98. Stronger hubs, water pump, excel rims, etc...

What about manditor maintenance? Those XRs are pretty much ride and forget. I don't really expect that with the higher performance of a WR but don't want to be constantly changing fluids and adjust values and messing with the fork. I doubt very seriously I will ever enter a race (maybe a hare scramble but doubtful) and will just be riding around. I am a speed freak though and will open the gas as far as it will let me. Any input on what I would have to do with periodic maintenance?



Maintenance is up to you. It like to work on the bike and maintain it well. You can just ride the bike and forget about it if that's your gig. Frankly I haven't touched my values in the last year. All I do is change the oil often (a must for all four strokes) and lube the moving parts. I have no idea what you are talking about in terms of playing with the fork. I rarely play with the settings. I guess it depends upon how anal you are with you bike.

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Thanks, sounds like a regular oil change is enough then. I thought maybe the seals in the fork or perhaps the oil in it would break down and need servicing. I am not looking for the utmost in performance, I just want it to start every time I ride it and run smoothly.



I rode the pee pee out of my XR did blow fork seals. My dub r is sooo much more fun to ride fast and the suspension is not even in the same class. I don't race and like you want the reliablity to pack up and go. The dub r delivers.

I just thought of something regarding the title of my post. "Do I want a WR400?" DUH! Of course I WANT one! HA! Just trying to decide if it is right for me.


I think that would be a great decision. I'm really happy with my WR400. I wouldn't trade it for anything. My friend has a '98 WR, my dad has a '99, and I have a '00. So far none of us have had any reliability issue. In fact, just the opposite feeling. I detail my bike before and after every race or long weekend ride (partly to make sure everything is ok and tight and partly because I love to tinker) but my dad just puts gas in it and lubes the chain -- I don't think he has every change the oil. Anyway, it looks like they're reliable to me -- but there still only a couple years old. Time will only tell.


Change the oil for your dad. You may inherit the bike some day :)

buy if mate.......i got an xr600 because of

the supposed startin probs....big mistake

600's a pile of **** compaired 2 wr400 got

my 2000wr new when some scumbag nicked me

xr600.....every cloud has a silver lineing

they done me a favour, nickin that piece of

**** !!

WR400 kicks butt big time..

End of Rant.


If you are going to ride hard and fast I think you want a WR400. If you are going to mosy down a trail, look at XRs and DRZs.



Old Guy on WR400F following the KX_kid through the harrowing desert of Idaho at breakneck speed.

I guess coming to the ThumperTalk WR400/426 Discussion forum and asking if you want a DUB-R 400 is a bit like going to www.freeporn and asking if you want to see naked women!

I think the question should have said...convince me why I should not buy a WRF!! :)


my mate is 5'7" & we said don't get one.

we said if you ride in sandy conditions you'll die! so he did.

the bike doesn't come out anymore.


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