04 yz450 won't get fuel to the carb...or won't get fuel in it...any ideas?

So just picked up an 04 yz450 from a buddy it's been sitting a few years but it ran when he parked it and the carb was plugged up so i tore it apart and cleaned it..but it's not getting fuel and I'm 95% sure I put it back together right soo any ideas?

There may be an obstruction in the passage running from the hose fitting to the needle seat, or the float or needle itself may be sticking shut, or the screen in the fuel tank could be blocked with gum.

Or, maybe you forgot to put gas in it. Start at the top and verify each function on the way down.

I know fuel goes through the line to the carb..I turned the fuel cock to ON and the fuel line was out of the way and went to the ground just fine...but maybe I put the needle valve in wrong.. I don't know which way the loops go or if they effect anything....but I will look into what you said

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