YZ 450 Exhaust

Will a exhaust from a 2008 YZ 450 work ok on a 2007 YZ 450? I know the silencer is smaller on the '08. The frame and everything is the same, so should all mount up without an issue. I trashed a head pipe. Have someone giving me a complete '08 exhaust, so was gonna just bolt it on if it will run ok?

It will bolt on, but it won't run OK. Getting rid of that pipe on the '08 that it came on is usually good for at least 5 HP in the heart of the mid range, and there's no way to fix it.

I agree with gray on that one. I got an 09 and the stock pipe is horrible!!!! I never knew a pipe could rob that much power. Now i got a Dr.d system on it and life is good!

I smashed the header pipe on mine. Someone gave me the "08 system. I like the short silencer, it weighs about a thrid of what my '07 silencer weighs. The header pipe looks to be the exact same pipe in my opinion. Guess I could use the header and my silencer.

That wouldn't be optimal either, although I can't say for sure how it will work out. The '07 header is a multi-stepped piece designed for a specific performance goal. The '08 header is significantly oversized for the engine, made that way to attempt to correct for the restrictive silencer. If the header matches up at the outlet, I suppose you can try it, but don't be too disappointed.

Gray, is it safe to assume that using the '08 exhaust sytem would make the 450 easier to hang onto for a 2hr hare scramble? I had given that some serious thought on my '07. Right now my '07 has the stock header with an FMF Powercore 4 and it rips....maybe too much as I could see my lap times drop off by a minute a lap in the last 1/2hr of the race. I'm working my conditioning as well, I know that's part of it, but I had given thought to maybe picking up an '08 system for that purpose. You can pick up a brand new system for peanuts, since everyone has been pulling them in favor of a full flow system.

From what your saying Grey, is that I would be better off trying the whole system and seeing if I notice a big difference in power? I am a avg. B class Vet motocrosser. Is it down 5 hp on the top end of the power? Off the bottom? Middle? I really did not want to spend a bunch of money and this '08 system is like brand new. Was hoping to use the whole thing or just the head pipe.

If he's going to give it to you, bolt it on and see what you think. The big drop in power is around 5K, low-mid range.

Greco, on what you're asking...maybe. But you might not like it.

Or, you might.

Thanks....umm.....I think.... Ha!

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