Chopped Muffler

I am considering cutting my stock '01 muffler down about 2-4". Two reasons - it looks ridiculous and I would rather break my fender than my muffler. Has anyone ever done this? I was hoping that someone would be able to fill me in on the benefits/side-effects of this.


The longer the silencer the more bottom end you get (to a point). So if you don't mind losing bottom end go for it. I have a friend that cut off 1" and couldn't tell the difference. He like the new look, so he went and cut off and inch to 1.5". After that he was disappointed cause there was significant reduction in low end power. He ended up buying a new aftermarket. So yes I believe you can get away with a little bit but I wouldn’t chance it.

The stock Yamaha pipe is pretty good. To cut it down would not gain you anything but a shorter, louder pipe. Also, you couldn't cut your pipe enough to nullify the effects of breaking your fender vs your pipe.

If your bike goes over enough to smash the pipe your fender isn't going to stop it.


A friend of mine cut his 3" and liked the change. He used to own a Yamaha shop and knows his stuff. I have not ridden his bike to compare it to mine. If he says it made a difference he likes....then that is good enough for me.

the shorter the muffler the MORE BOTTOM END you will have all sorty pipes claim more bottom end at a small price of top end power i cut my stock muffler on my cr a few years back and got a very noticable increase in torque but lost a littel over rev. just look at any ad for pipes that sells both reg. and short.short=torque

Now I am confused (oh no). I believe shorty pipe may have more bottom end, but this is due to design differences, not length. When you shorten and existing pipe you will lose bottom. Does anyone agree with this?

I have a Pro Circuit Factory Sound, complete silencer and header, which only has two rides on it. I'll let it go for $250. It has a larger header pipe and silencer throat to allow more flow. Cutting down a silencer will reduce back pressure to do the same thing.


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