fork seals :( argh

hey guys i just got a wr450 03 model and fixed the snapped kick starter it had and also the broekn right hand engine case :thumbsup:

now when i brought it the guy said the fork seals had just been done......... now i have only been on 3 rides on the bike in total about 5 hours riding at the most and today i got my bike out to go for a ride and the fork seals are leaking :thumbsup: grrrrrr

Now i am unsure if they were done as i am going off word of mouth and he had no reciepts but is it common for them to leak like this?

I know fork seals leak as my mates 08 model his are leaking to at the moment.

How hard are they to do and is there anything you can do to stop them from doing this?????

cheers guys

There is lots of ways to help prevent leaky fork seals, or at least to lessen them. You might be able to save the ones that your currently running. Have you tried cleaning them with a thin, stiff piece of material (ie. 35mm film negative, feeler gauges, etc..) Basically, you pull down the outer dust wiper, and then carefully slide the material up into the seal while mimicing the shape of the fork tube, and work your way around the tube. Hopefully, this will remove whatever is causing your seal to leak. I would also recommend that you look over your lower fork tubes for scratches, dings, etc., as these will cause premature seal leakage too. Maniac

very easy to replace the seals. Lot's of good how to videos on you tube. Save yourself some money and use a piece of split 2" pvc pipe for a seal installer. You won't beleieve how easy until after you are finished.

Has anyone got a "how to" on replacing the fork seals on a 03 wr450?

Google search it or even try to search on here, the only thing Yamaha WR specific is getting the wheel off and even that isn't WR or Yamaha specific.

Lots of YouTube videos on fork seal replacements out there.........


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get this:

http://www.rockymoun...r/fork seal fix

my seals start leaking all the time, I just run these around them a few times and I am good to go again

Everyone should have this tool. It works amazingly well. Having said that, I wouldn't use the tool before every ride if I had leaking seals as over time (surprisingly little time at that) your oil level/volume will decrease causing your front suspension to get too soft.

This tool is for the occasional leak disovered the day before a ride or in between motos/loops.

For the 250f, but vary simular, if not identical:

Also, if the front wheel assembly isn't reinstalled per the manual to include rocking the suspension up and down 15+ times to seat everything, the fork tubes can be pulled in slightly causing a leak. While cleaning your fork seals, removal and reinstall front wheel assembly per the manual as well.

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