OTD price on 12 WR450?

I got an OTD price on a 12 WR450 from a local dealer for $9,000+ here in CA , is this a good or can I get one for $8,000 OTD considering that MSRP is $8,000+

The reason Im asking is because I just recently purchased 2 new vehicles, 1 from ford and one from Toyota and I got both of those vehicles at MSRP being the OTD price. Both vehicles were hard to find and are a hot item.

Most dealers are selling them for MSRP so your not going to be able to get them for OTD at MSRP.

It would be MSRP plus tax, doc fee, and dealer prep if they charge for that. You might be able to get them to knock off the dealer prep if you haggle with them.

Currently there are so few of them available as the first few waves of the bikes coming in the country have been spoken for.

Mine ended up being 10k out the door but that was accessories, dealer prep, tax, and doc fees.

7800 OTD for me!

7800 OTD for me!

Ah the beauty of not having to pay sales tax. I am Jealous.

For California, that seems reasonable. MSRP means nothing on these bikes.

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