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So i get this program module when i got my 450 FE. How the hell do you use it? No instructions,what will it do and how do you use it!!!!! Will it work on my '11 350?Need some direction

So i get this program module when i got my 450 FE. How the hell do you use it? No instructions,what will it do and how do you use it!!!!! Will it work on my '11 350?Need some direction

Is it the UST?

I have it .... Let me know when you get the nerve to mess with it ... Im close but haven't taken the plunge.


not sure but I think you need to have the bike on a dino. is there a digi port on the module? PC interface???

If anybody has one of those they want to unload, PM me. I want to build files for the 250/350 and 450/500 KTMs depending on their configuration for members.

As far as I can tell guys you can't hurt your bike using this tool. It allows minor fueling deviations and on some models minor ignition timing adjustments. For most the JD6x tuner is a simpler device to understand with greater adjustment, especially tweaking the equivalent to an accelerator pump setting. JD presets the unit for the application which means you can do your adjustments from his base settings.

PS: I tweaked the 6x settings by seat of the pants and then later got to put it on a dyno with a wideband O2 sensor. I hit the mark pretty close. I'm really surprised how well this unit works. :thumbsup:

you need to download the software from KTM.com then you will be able to play with the user setting tool (instructions are there also)

To KTM3fitty - if you bought a 450 SX-FFE (aka Factory Edition or Dungey Replica) you will have also received the Ktm User Setting Tool (aka UST).

You can use this tool on any fuel injected KTM incl RC8's and Husabergs. Some KTMs (eg EXC models) need the ECU unlocked by a dealer before the UST will work with the ECU.

To use the tool though you need to dowload software and manuls off the KTM.com website, and install the software, then attach the UST via the USB port to finish the install by loading the drivers. You can play with the installed software without a UST or without a UST connected.

With the FFE 9and 35) because the bike has a battery you don't need to use the optional external power lead, just join the two white plugs together to turn on the ignition for writing maps to the ECU or checking the sensor readings etc.

In the zip file on the KTM site at present there are only maps for 250 and 350 models. Steve841 who has posted on this thread and others has a downloadable starter 'aggressive map' for the FFE on his website.

Seems like aggressive is a combo of leaner and more ignition advance, and softer is richer and retarded from standard. In theory best result is to do both ignition and fuel, but you can do one or other for less effect.

It is quite clear in the literature that the map setting if you use a non standard amp will be in addition to a map select switch setting. So if you have an accessory map switch in aggressive/wild setting, and you have an aggressive map loaded you will be getting more ignition advance still - not necessarily a good thing.

I have learned heaps about the software and the use of the tool in last few weeks so happy to add info to questions.

It would be helpful if any other FE owners called KTM and talked to Brian to get him off his ass and contact the KTM factory to provide maps.

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