How was Saddleback?

There has only been two online posts regarding the new facility. Was anyone there on media day an if so how was it

I went to the proride sight and checked out the pics, looks like a cool track. Even the vet track looks nice. The only thing though is I saw on the site, that this weekend will be the only WEEKEND it wil be open, and that Tuesday and Thursday's are normal operating days. Does anyone know if and when normal operating days will also include weekends??

The track was great. It's a great use of the natural terrain. :) For their first offering, I think the guys did very well. If you plan on checking it out this weekend, don't overshoot the finish line tabletop. The landing looks flat but it's not, let's just say that "man do my ankles hurt". As for the $20 to get in, for people in Orange County, the driving time saved is probably worth it. I know that the partners are working hard to add weekends. The lease is very restrictive. The plan is to show a well run operation with responsible riders and grow into a bigger operation. If we support them, it will happen. Just think of all the doors that were slammed in their face along the way. Hats off to the new Saddleback.

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I'm going to check it out on Monday. I live in Mission Viejo and because this is so close I couldn't care less about the $20 gate fee. My time and gas are worth far more to me than the few bucks I'd save going some place else.

The track looks okay in the photos and I can't wait to ride it myself.

i know Intothumpin was there. he talked with Doug. gina said that doug thought the track was OK. it is gonna be $20 a bike. kinda steep, but pretty close for a LOT of riders that is for sure.

Check out for the full lowdown and lots of pictures.

Come on.... I can't be the only one that was asked to leave? Just kidding, I went yesterday (Monday) and it was pretty crowded so I stuck to the Vet track and still had a lot of fun. Some friends are going tonight and I'll probably go Thursday night, I'm interested to see how busy it'll be on a normal weekday.


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For all of you that visited the new saddleback this weekend, :) thank you. I talked with the promoters this morning and it was a huge success. Of the thousands of riders this weekend, only one had to be asked to leave.(there is one in every crowd) As a resident of the area, I want the track to be permanent. Any TTers from out of the area, drop a line if you head this way and turn some laps with us.

Thanks again,


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