Best price on YZ426

OK, I know someone that wants a new one. What have you guys seen lately for best prices on a 01?

Call Atlanta MotorWorld 770-664-0820, they have a few left. I would offer 4.9/5k out the door + shipping. Ask for Tom...see what happens.

I paid $4900. out the door about four weeks ago. In North Kansas city.

hey mike i got my 01 426 a month ago at tri city cycles in loveland for 5300. they may have some left.

hey kc husky where did you buy yours at? honda yamaha north? thats the only place i can think of in north kansas city. thats a great price i got mine a month ago from shawnee mission. wishing i would have checked around though. cost me $6200 after sales tax? he lowerd it down to $5300 then charged me sales tax and it ended up being that. im thinking i got screwed but it was the first brand new bike ive ever bought

I just bought my '01 YZ426 about 10 days ago and paid $4999 plus tax. I bought it from East Hanover Yamaha here in NJ. I was told they had five of them they blew out at that price and mine was the last one. There is another dealer locally who has three of them and apparently doesn't want to really come off the list too much, but I bet when the '02 hits the floor he's gonna be sorry. Oh around..tis the season and good luck.


Paul P

reed YZ426, Yes it was Yamaha North, And I paid no sales tax. I called all over the country to find a good deal and one other dealer over by Columbia, Mo. Would have sold me one for $5150. But most dealers seemed like they wanted to hold on to them and get full pop.

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