2002 YZ426F Changes

Just would like to get some comments on the changes made to the 02. Doesn't look like there is anything ground breaking, just alot of little changes, most in the right direction (I think). Does anyone see any reason to rush out and replace the 01?

Nothing big for changes, lighter front hub, bigger rear rotor, minor carberation changes. No big reason to go out and sell the farm. Although as beat as yours is you might want to think about it :)

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You're right, nothing big for this year. Yamaha was trying to get the NEW :) bike ready for release for this year. Due to some minor setbacks they decided to wait to release the new version of the 426 after it was learned that production runs would be delayed. They did not want to delay the run since they wanted the bikes out before the Hondas.

2003 will be a big year for the new Yamaha four strokes. I wish I could tell you about them.


Ernie, I will tell you something if you tell me something??

see ya Coop

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It is very hard for me to not spill it to you!! I have been sworn to silence or I will loose my sponsorship. I will say this....the shop already has my deposit for the 2003!!!


I must disagree with yzernie, I don't believe Yamaha had any intensions of releasing a new version of the YZ426 for `02. Here's why, as you know the two-stroke YZs got all the new updates this year, thus putting the spotlight on these models. In `01, you saw the introduction of the 250F. In no way is Yamaha going to change plastic on a one-year old model so it would match the new two-strokes or a new 426. Tooling for the molds for all new tank/side panels is too expensive to throw it away after one year.

For 2003 we can safely expect a new 426, an updated 250F (with new body work), and slightly refined two-strokes (bng's). You can probably guess that the `03 bodywork for the 426 & 250F will look very similar the the `02 two-stroke YZs (that whole branding, corporate look thing).

You will also see a KTM, Honda AND Husqvarna 250 four-stroke mx bike. I hear the KTM and Husky will have "the magic button."

I saw pictures of the new Huskys on their website. I think they have a new 250 and 450, both with left side chain and e-start. They look real good, except for the hideous body styling. Whoever does their designs should be shot then fired.

I've heard rumors of a YZ 450F (who hasn't by now) a YZ 150F and a YZ 65. 2003 should be an interesting year.


MX Tuner

Originally posted by MX Tuner:

I've heard rumors of a YZ 450F (who hasn't by now) a YZ 150F and a YZ 65. 2003 should be an interesting year.

A YZ-65 ??? Vacuum Cleaner?

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