Motoman 393 decals

Will there be any of the motoman decals at the memorial race this sunday?(10/19/03) If so how much do they cost? I would like to get a few and put one on my helmet! :)

Thanks alot

-Michael Fuhre

Decal works has made some. I don't know if they will be given away or auction off. Either way look me up and I'll get you some. Come on over to Mike Berg's house friday night.We will be bench racing (fibbing to each other for hrs)A whole bunch of guys

Sorry i couldnt make it! i was studying for the PSAT test tomorrow (10/18/02)I will be at san jacinto saturday and sunday so maybe i'll see you there! Thanks alot

-michael fuhre :)

Is there a place we can buy the decals?

PM Ego he will send ya some. If he is out let me know I still got a few.(I treasure them) :)

Send me a PM with your address and let me know if you want yellow/black, or blue black and I will send them to you.

:D:):D :D :D :D :D



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