yz426 oil filters

hi everyone - i just recently purchased a decent 2001 yz426 and i changed the oil and the filter media had metal shards so im chucking it out but.. the PO had given me a metal filter that looks like it was used- i dont want to use it but all the shops are closed..what is this?should i use it or whats a good filter to get?? i m just gonna ride recreationally with this bike so how often should i change the oil and filter? i ride quite fast for an old guy..anyway thanks ...

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If the mesh filter appears to be made of brass, then yes, it's the OEM 426 piece. They don't work that well, and are too delicate to reuse more than once or twice, tops. If it's stainless and has no base pad on the closed end, it may well be worth keeping and reusing.



yeah thanx for the info -it appears that it is a used oem filter so im going to buy a knock off stainless filter and change oil and filter every 3 rides like everyone else does ..also another qestion.. how do you make a T4 system quieter?? is there a baffle for the end of the muffler i can bolt on..?? and also-what brand of aftermarket plastic is closest blue to yammi blue??

also-what brand of aftermarket plastic is closest blue to yammi blue??

Both Acerbis and UFO make Yamaha Reflex blue. I'm partial to UFO because there a little bit cheaper. I just did a rebuild on my 426 and the UFO plastic works great.


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thanx for the info -i like ufo too ...nice 426 btw!! mine has a way to go to look like that [quite a ways actually]

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