Hey guys i took my 03 WR450 for a ride today and had a fall where i was cleaning my boots while riding and my front wheel got stuck in a rut and i tried to turn out of it with no feet on the bike and the bike went over on its side now i was only going slow but still dropped my bike and when i got up i noticed it leaking coolant, now i thought it would of been from being on its side so i road away and then noticed it was still leaking.

So i pull up and have a look and noticed it was actually gushing out quite bad and i had a look at the left radiator top outlet facing the engine has split around the outlet as it must of pushed the left side guard on to the radiator and pushed it back abit. i noticed the outlet is bent a bit and facing the radiator more now so it has moved on the accident and caused it to crack.

Anyway is this normal or are these radiators that weak? i am a bit scared now as it was not a big fall and it damaged the radiator that easy and i can buy some aftermarket ones that say performance radiators 44mm thick.

Is there any way to stop this happening as i ride hard and really push my self but this was just a silly mistake i done and if i have a fall its usually a big one so i dont want to keep buying radiators.

1. Mylers Radiator Repair

2. Flatland radiator guards :thumbsup:

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Yes..the rads are very weak...samr on all bikes....rad guards are an absolute must!

bg10459 is spot on.

I also run Flatland rad guards.....good product. Takes a lot of pretty good dumps and have had to hammer the guards back into shape but never had any rad damage.

I'm running both myself. That is to say, both Myler's repaired radiator and Flatland guards. Both are highly recommended!!! (The radiator only needed repair when I removed the Flatland guard and tried to straighten my previously bent radiator, Oops!!!) Maniac

Yer radiator guaRds are a must. Even in big offs you can still get a little deflection of the rad guard lol so thank lucky stars they are fitted. I have force on mine, well made strong and good price in aus.

Would not recommend going aftermarket oversized rads, you dont need them and 9 times out of 10 they dont fit under the radiator guards

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Mylers is definately the place to go for repairs. Once that is done you need some guards as others have mentioned. I have been running the Flatlands on my 450 with zero issues but if I were to do it again I would go with the Mohard's.


I have ridden with others that have them and they are sweet!! Check them out, although a little pricey the quality is top notch.

ausieklx, Those Force guards are the sweetest ones made!!! I'd love a set, but damn they are expensive!!! Maniac

Ya know, I should've looked at where you were from before I recommended a repair shop and a radiator guard :thumbsup:

The Devol guards "look" kinda like my Flatland guards, but I've never seen them in person or tried to fit them so I can't say. I've never heard of Force, but those and the Unabikers seem really tough, Again, no idea on fitment. The Moose guards look really strong, but lack frontal protection. Works Connection braces offer very llittle protection, so I would avoid them, but aside from that, any of those should do the trick. :thumbsup:

These are the ones I was referring to.


But if they are unavailable or too expensive to ship to Australia...just get a decent set that look somewhat like these. Remember....you want side impact support and front screening/deflection capability to stop oncoming stones etc.

Don't go cheap on this...get good ones. You'd gladly agree to have paid twice the price if you find yourself having to push/tow the bike 10K to the nearest road access.

I bought a pair of the eBay rads for a drz400 last fall and was quite impressed with them. They were much sturdier than stock, and were welded rather than crimped. They fit great. They were a bit thicker, so that might prevent guards from fitting, I don't know.

The pair was only $110, including shipping and the had a lifetime warranty. I'll buy them for my WR450 if I need them.

I have have much better success with the Moose Racing or the Enduro Engineering radiator guards. My flatlands definitely protected the radiators, but the otherones did it much better and much cheaper.

are the moose's frame mounted? or just bolt to the radiator?

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