2011 450 stutter Help

hey guys,

Well, finally got back into dirt bikes after a 30 year break. I know, crazy right?, wife thinks so. Anyway, got a good deal on a 2011 yzf 450. Now, Im a pretty good wrench { been grass dragging sleds for past 15 years] and im fairly familiar with FI and power commanders. Problem is i have nothing to compare to, no one around has any new equip. the bike is very strong and im pretty happy with it but its got this annoying trait just at the beginning of the throttle pull. It feels like im using an on/off switch when im trying to navigate a tight technical section in the woods. It makes the bike very unfriendly in these situations. Its right above the idle which in this area you need to use a lot cause the trails are tight. Im thinking this should be a very smooth transition but its anything but smooth. again, its like an on/off switch. I have the gytr power tuner and fattening it up on the lower end seems to help but its still there. The tuner says the tps is correct so im wondering if anyone else has heard of this and im hoping someone can shed some light for me.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to using this site and learning more about these 4 stroke animals


A couple of the maps listed in the pinned thread on the subject claim to help that. There's also a company called "Injectioneering" that modifies the throttle body (they change the angle of the closed throttle valve, as I understand it). The work has been effective, but they had some trouble keeping up with demand at first.

So this issue im having im not alone with? i'll check into it. It almost seems hard to believe yamaha would let this bike out with this problem which leads me to believe its not all of the bikes.


It was more pronounced on the '10 than the '11, or at least it's been more often complained about on the '10, and it did seem to be how they all are. Like you say, there's an inability to finesse the throttle from zero to 5%. Seems like you can have zero OR 5%, but not 2 or 3%.

I own a 10 and this is a documented issue that I have experienced myself.

The injectioneering mod is the only thing that comes close to solving it, I have tried different maps and it doens't make a difference, the power is either off or on with a 1/8 snap/turn of the throttle. You cannot roll the power on at the low of a throttle twist movement... sucks.

Well, it does suck to deal with and makes it a handful in the tight and twisties. guess ill have too deal with it cause there's no way im going down for two or threee weeks without the throttle body right now. What does injectioneering charge for the mod? Do you guys know if i need a longer than stock chain to go up from 48 to 52 rear? Thanks for your help.

Good riding


I have a 10, and yes it is a bit much in the woods. i went up 1 tooth on the front sprocket and it seemd to tame it down a little and it added a little more to the top end.....which is a plus to me when i get out of the woods. haven't touched the mapping, just the front sprocket lol :thumbsup:

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