Working on swingarm/linkage bearings, quick question

Sorry, this might be a dumb question: I'm working on my swingarm/linkage bearings this weekend on my 06 yz450f. Some are in good shape, am replacing a few (got All Bals kit).

Question: When I put the outer rubber grease seals in, what is the orientation? There is basically a channel on one side and the other is flat (and has the part number). They are currently installed in both orientations depending where on the bike (maybe from previous owner). I was thinking it was 'channel in', but if I look at this video, right around minute 6, it looks like he is putting them in 'channel out'.

i always install grease seals with the part # facing out, to the insde, sealing edge out

Think about what the seals are about to protect, and you will find the right way for mounting (which is not always with the part # facing out):

"channel" / lip should be facing towards what it is sealing, in case of a fork inner tube, it should protect against the oil leaking out, and in case of the linkage it should protect from water coming inside, that is, the channel/lip should be mounted facing outwards (as you see in the assembly video, as well as the Clymer and Yamaha original manuals mention)

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