Look what i got on ebay!!

I got these titanium footpegs on ebay for $100. They were brand new in the bag. :) I love ebay sometimes :D


I also did the cr routing with the ride engineering line. :D Boy is the stock wr brake line long :D

Cool Looking pegs! :)

Can you tell a difference in the braking with the CR style line? How about some feedback on that mod. :)

I just did the cr routing and will be riding tomorrow. I'll see how it feels and post it.

It did seem easier to bleed the brakes than normal.It used to be i would bleed them let i t site for a hour or so and get the rest of the air out. This time all the bubbles where out the first time. If you want a pic i'll post one.

The reason I ask is Im close running the fastline brake line as well. I would be down for some pix.

Good job!!! Every once in a while you can still find deals on ebay..... I'll bet shipping was cheap.(They're so light) Damn I'm funny..... :D :D Hello? Is this thing on? Hello? :)

I love the way TI changes color where it is welded.

There used to be a TI wharehouse by me where stuff used to fall off the truck.

I had an ATK that a magnetic wouldn't stick to.

tried to pm you but my log-in screen doesn't show a message sent. thought i'd try it this way. are you interested in selling your stock pegs? the guy i got my 450 from must have put it down on the street and bent the right peg. let me know.

I paid $171.00 OTD for a pair of those, and I thought I got a good deal. These pegs are great, slightly less weight but five times the grip. Did anyone say there is a write-up in MXA about them?

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