Auto clutch on the old 400's

I've seen some topics around here regarding rekluse / auto clutches, I want one myself so I did some research and to clear this to other fellow 400 owner, this is your options:

#1 - Get an 426 clutch and buy a Rekluse EXP plate for it. The 426 clutch is however NOT just a simple swap, the 426 basket is bigger so you need at least the clutch covers of a 426 too.

#2 - An EFM auto clutch ( EFM can modify your stock clutch and make it an auto clutch. EFM needs you to send your stock clutch to them in order make it for you.

The EFM clutch is 625$ and the Rekluse EXP plate for the 426 is around 400$. So unless you get a really good price on the 426 parts you need, EFM is probably the easiest and cheapest way to go.

I dont know EFM, so I cant say any negativ nor positive about them, but EFM is the way I will go if I decide to go for an auto clutch. I called Rekluse and asked if there where any options at all to get an EXP plate for the 400, and no was the answer. Rekluse have, back in the day, made the z-pro for the 400's but they where discontinued in 2008..

That was about what I found out, if I missed something and there are other options for the 400 please let med know :thumbsup:

Cheers :thumbsup:

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I remember seeing posts here to the effect that you could use a 426 clutch in a 400 if you swap the right side crankcase cover with the 426 part to allow for it. It may not be that simple, but you might try searching.

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