09 starter?

I have an 09 WR450 that is giving me problems. The e-start appears to be "dragging" when I press the starter button. The bike will turn over slowly then you hear a "clicking" noise (solenod perhaps) and nothing. The battery is fully charged and I have a second battery that I tried as wel with the same results. The bike will fire right up when I use the kick start but not when I use the e-start. I want to be sure it is the starter before I spend $297 for a new one. Is the soleniod replacable or is it internal? Anyone else have this issue with a newer WR?

i am having the same problem on my 07 wr450. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you checked all of your electrical connections? I would definately pull them all apart, clean them, and re-install with di-electric grease, before I'd buy a new starter. Even if this didn't fix the problem, it should eleminate it from ever being the problem in the future. Hope this helps.


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