help! trouble changing oil filter

hey everybody. i havent changed and or cleaned my oil filter yet in my bike and i need to! but i cant figure out how or where the oil filter is located. if someone can get me a picture of where its at or help describe it to me i would appriceate it. i really need to clean it!

Reed - are you fimiliar with the term RTFM?

Just kidding.

The main oil filter is located on the right side of the bike, as if you were sitting on it. It's a small housing about 2 inches round held on by three bolts, one of which is an allen head. Some of the earlier model bikes require the removal or losening of the header pipe to get one of the bolts out.

There also a screen filter in the lower section of the down tube of the frame. It screws into the frame (It think it's 22mm) and has a rubber hose with clamp on the other end.

There's also a screen pickup inside the engine, but user Hick is the only one I know of who seems to service this on a regular basis.


He he...I know what RTFM means. Reed, why don't you have the manual? It's a necessity when owning a bike like the 426. Get one pronto and save yourself from major headaches down the road.

Yamaha part# 5JG-28199-10

Hope this helps.

OOps...I just realized that that part# was for the '00. The '01 is different because of several changes made to the bike.

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thanks alot! i just changed my oil and cleaned my oil filter. question though. after cleaning my oil filter do i rub some oil on it? i did that to my oil filter just incase i put a little on there. and is there any certain way to put it in or do i just shove it in there and put the thing back on because i did that too. (first time working on a 4stroke) was a little different to me



And get a good torque wrench and torque to spec in the manual (10 Nm)! Don't want to strip any of those bolts in the case...

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