WR450F Problem - Work Around

Yeah, they should. But if they don't, I'll be happy to.

I'm sure yamaha know which serial numbers are produced with this problems and I cannot understand why don't they recall and fix all the problems on the bikes sold? I'm kind of angry about they do not stand behind their mistakes!!!

looks like i get to add a new problem to this whole starter, woodruff key, idler gear mess. i removed the small round cover to change to the new and improved idler gear. when the cover is off and the gear is out, the other idler gear is visable. that idler gear rides on a small shaft that has one end riding in the side cover casting. that part of the side cover casting was broken. it is a small half circle and is visible when the idler gear is out. i guess with the flywheel tight and no slip in the old idler gear something had to give. i had no problems with the starter so i have no idea how long it has been like this. if it were used like this for to long it would probably ruin the center case and who knows what else. the shop is going to call the yamaha rep monday. i don't expect any help there but it's worth a try. anyone else have this happen?

AHMEN 5spoke!!!! Yamaha has paid for all mine so far.. ( No labor pay for pushing though.. Bike is fine now and working well and my dealer has bent over backwards to help me, you gotta love that... :D:)

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