Hey guys i had a problem with my kick starter when i brought the bike (03 WR450F) It had a snapped kick start shaft and had pumched the inner case, anyway i fixed that and had the bike going but i have been kick starting the bike as it had a flat battery as well.

Well i got my new battery after charging my other one and had no luck with it starting and now when you go tp start it it makes a spinning noise or sounds like it tries to turn then clicks. NOw its not the battery the clicking is from the starter solenoid.

However i pulled the starter motor off and bench tested it and it spins very crunch too say (no sure if thats normal. SO was wondering why it wouldnt start then looked at the starter motor shaft and noticed the end of it that the gear spins on is all worn away and the is like 3 teeth that are nearly flat. SO thinking that will be the reasing its not starting.

Can they be replaced or is it just the starter motor it self :thumbsup:

They are so expensive here in Australia like $350 second hand.......

Anyone know a cheap place in USA that has them or even very cheap second hand?????????

I know this post is old but nobody responded....

   I just went through the same deal with my bike. My 03' WR 450 had a bad starter, so I found a local starter shop that could get one for $200, put it in and it lasted about 20 starts and the teeth on the end of the starter shaft stripped off. I found out the hard way that this year WR450's have a bad design in the starter gears. If the engine backfires while you're cranking it will shock the starter teeth, and break them off. You can upgrade the 'starter clutch' gears from any newer year bike. I just found a used set of gears and side cover from an 06' on e-bay and also found another guy selling starters for $100. I'm sure if you do a search there is a thread with all the part numbers you'd need to do the upgrade. Only part I had to go my local dealer for was the small bushing that goes into the case. Hope this helps!

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