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What Sites to follow?

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What sites does everyone follow to track outdoors? Since SX is pretty much over and got boring after CR22 got hurt, I'm ready for MX to start.

SX lites is wrapped up and so is SX open. But the lites in Vegas is gonna be awesome to see. I love watching RV1 but it's the same ole-same ole. Aleesi holeshots, Stewart crashes again and K-Dub rides a helleva race (K-dub best by far to watch) & RV1 WINS.

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If I'm not on TT you can find me at YouPorn

My wife says she wished porn was what I'm always looking at online instead of this ridiculous little motorcycle site I'm addicted to. Sometimes when I'm laughing at something typed on here I'll read it to her and I'll get the ever so known look of "W_T_F is wrong with you"?? 👍

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