Jimmy Button MX School

Did you Arizona guys see that Jimmy Button is going to do a few MX classes at Speed World?

Wouldn't it be nice to get him to our neck of the woods for a few pointers?

Yup, I am tempted but $500 is a lot of jack.

Probobly a good investment when you think about it. I'd spend $500 for a scotts stabilizer, or $500 on suspension, $500 on an engine rebuild when the time comes. And none of those things last forever!

Any good training will make me safer, faster and will never wear out! A good investment to be sure.

Its just that when you buy a steering damper, suspension work, engine work it *seems* like it will last you for years while the class *seems* like only a weekend.

Anyone else going? I am still up in the air.

Dave S

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