Need some mirrors

Which mirrors do you guys run? Looking for something that cAn mount Onto my handlebar and fairly inexPensive

I don't know what brand I've got, but I do know it's useless. Especially bar mounted the vibrations the bike puts off just means you see a blur of maybe something behind you. I did however find a pretty neat hand mirror that has a little velcro strap on it at Walmart that does the job 20x better than my bar mounted setup. Did you get pulled over by Calgary police or something?

Nope but I want to be able to see the Calgary police haha

These look cool.

This is what I came up with on mine though.


The stock mirrors from my KLR 650 and anti-vibration isolators mounted to my handgards with home made aluminum brackets.


I packed the joints and base with J-B Weld since this picture was taken. They work great. I figured if I need to have mirrors I might as well have functional ones.

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