Clutch replacement

Hi everyone!

I just joined TT and it is probably the best hobby/sport forum i have seen so far!

I am about to attempt my first clutch job on my 02 YZ426F. I'm not exactly sure what i need to replace, everything, or just a few key components.

And is there anything i need to look out for during the process that could really screw something up?

Thanks in advance!


You can measure the metal plates with a micrometer to see if they in spec or not, if if they are anywhere near the point of being too thin I would just replace them. Check the clutch basket fingers for notches, if they are lightly notched you can file/sand them smooth. If they notches are really bad you may have to replace the basket. Check the clutch spring heights (the specs are in the manual) and make sure they are all in good shape. Also, remember to oil the new clutch discs really well. I typically put them in a zip-lock back with oil and let them set over night.

You should also check the big nut that holds the clutch basket in place and make sure it is tight.

If you don't have a book for it you can download one here:

Good luck!


Thanks for the wisdom!

I'll get on it

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