426F transmision

As you have guessed if you are reading this 5th gear is out.......OK got the cases split and now i just need to make sure im going to ordering the right parts. I need 5th gear pinion, 4th gear pinion, 3rd gear pinion; and the shift fork that moves 3rd....which is shift fork 3? right? Also, how is this prevented from happening again? Thanks

Shift fork two, not three.

As far as preventing it, the only thing you can do is be sure your shifts are quick, clean and positive, and made with a minimum load on the trans when the gears are actually being changed.

ok thanks for the info......and riding like that isn't fun........

I don't know, I have a pretty good time, and I'm pretty hard on a bike when I'm on it, but I've never had a gear box go bad doing things my way. :thumbsup:

i guess its all about doing to procedure properly and quickly......looks like i need some better technique. (i did purchase the bike with 5th gear not working)

Mostly it's about being quick and positive, so the lugs don't bash on each other when they're half engaged any more than necessary.

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