New toy today............

Been riding a GasGas EC250 for a year or so and fancied a 4 stroke...

By chance called the local MX shop who told me where this has done 147 miles and is mint...last owner scared to death :):D


Pick it up in a couple of weeks.... :D

Nice bike,

From the end of the muffler, this could be a canadian edition. Less free mod to do. The end of the muffler has the seam welded. Good luck on the beast. It might be a bit different from your gasgas :)

Good luck

Yep, She's a Canadian/Euro bike.. Nice DS kit.... You're gonna want to throw that muffler as far as you can... I've had a couple of those stockers before.... It's a crying shame what it does to the bike's perfomance... Let us know how you like it....

Congrats!!! :)


Literally brand new and already DS'd to boot.

Where the heck am I when deals like this come around?

Hopefully I'll stumble across a similar deal soon.

Congrats on your new scoot.

Have fun, Kelly

From the stock tires, the stock dual sport kit and so on, I would guess this one comes from Australia rather than Canada. I was unable to see what those european bikes look like.

Where are you from?

It's a crying shame what it does to the bike's perfomance... Let us know how you like it....

You're right about that. I switch to a stock YZ pipe and the pleasure factor went way up. :) : :D

The Euro/Canadian muffler can be modified to work really well and not be as ridiculously loud as the stock YZ pipe. I cut four inches(yes INCHES not centimeteres---UGHHH) off of the stock pipe and gutted the baffles. I then cut a round piece of 3/16" flat steel too insert into the opening at the end of the pipe. I cut a hole in the middle of the round piece to accomodate a Honda XR 400 competition spark arrestor. Welded the round piece into the end of the can, drilled and tapped the holes to mount the arrestor and made a gasket to fit between the end and the arrestor. The bike breaths really well, has no problem hanging with my buddys YZ426 and a CR250.The pipe is not as loud as the YZF and it doesn't weigh very much either. I will send pics to those that PM me their e-mail or if someone wants to host the pics be my guest. I spent about a half hour with the cut off saw, a plasma cutter and the tig welder. Almost everyone knows a welder that could do the mod for a few bucks. Just my .o2 ---- WR Dave.

I would check it out good, It took more than 147 miles to rub the paint off of my frame with my boots. I am not saying it's a bad deal just be carefull.

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