Tera-Flex tires

This is from a previous posting on tires. qadsan gave this link to Tera-Flex tires:


My question is has anyone put one of these tires on their BRP? Will they fit? What size and tread style? Will these tires work well on Intermediate terrain? :)

I would appreciate some help on this, their website is not too informative.

Thanks in advance, :D


I will be triing it next on the BRP. As far as a 140-80x18 goes it should fit. I run that wide of a tire on both my bikes

I have used this tire since the late eighties it used to be called "Terraflex by Dick Cepek". This is a good long wearing tire and gets traction on all terrain,but it will eat your mudguard in no time at all on the 650. The 17 in. works well on the older xr's.When installed on the 650 you have to move the wheel all the way back (and it still gets in the mudguard), which lenthens your wheelbase and makes the 650 harder to turn,not to mention the weight of it and it is heavy.On the upside being steel belted you can run it flat for traction and not have any problems. They only offer one size for the 650.

Do I have to add links to my chain then in order to move my tire back? I am running stock gearing (14/48?). If so is this tire worth it?

Thanks again.

It rubs less if your chain adjustment mark is past the half way mark. I got a shock cover so the mudguard isn't a problem. I have a 14/48 setup and it's just past half way on the adjustment mark. It rubs the mudguard at high speeds. (the tire grows in diamiter the faster it spins) The only other down side to this tire is that it weighs two pounds more then other tires. This is the best all around tire you can get (best tire in the sand without gretting a paddle). The Pirelli 130/90 RalleyCross is a longer wearing tire and is better on the hard stuff. If you don't need a DOT tire the Maxxis 7301HT 120/100 and the Michlin M12 are great tire also.

I have to say that I'm not a fan of the Terraflex. I have one on now and have ridden it at Mammoth (hard pack fire roads), Gorman (hard pack, silt, loose rock single track) Barstow (typical So. Cal. desert-sand washes etc.) and Big Bear (hard pack fire roads). On most of these rides, I rode with a friend who was on an identically prepared BRP except for the rear tire (he had the Bridgestone ED78). Normally, we are very evenly matched, but with this tire, he was faster than me in every instance. The traction on hard pack was not what I expected from such an agressive tread. It slips a lot in a straight line, but it corners well. Being so big, it takes longer for the bike to rev up and hurts performance out of the corners. It tracks well in deep sand, but again, the size hurts the performance. Its probably a good choice if you need DOT legal, but I'm going back to the ED 78 before I head to Baja next weekend. Just my 2¢.

Is there a 120/100/18 terraflex? i am just mulching motocross tires, this one looks intrigueing. 120/100 fits pretty good on my bike with 14/48 and 13/48. is the 140 a shorter tire due to being an 80 series?, i dont think width seems to be a problem. i ride alot of sand, floating bog (muskeg), mud etc, with the occasional run on a gravel road to show everyone riding with me why the 650 is boss. I do some jumping on hardpack as well. The weight doesnt bother me much. Will the terraflex work well in soft stuff? any of you western canadian guys that ride bog use this tire? thanks in advance, JR

I agree with it not being as good as I thought it should be on the hard pack. Lots of spin. The Pirelli MT21 is alot better there but in the sand and mud the Terra Flex is great. It wears longer then an non DOT tire.

Slinging that extra weight around will wear on your clutch rapidly if used for competetion.Now with that said try it on grass with dew present (even a little bit of dew).Now roll your bike backwards with it installed then call Honda for a new mudguard.

Thanks for all the information. Although the Tera-Flex tire looks impressive, I picked up a Maxxis Maxx Cross IT tire for around $40.00. Can't beat the price for the tire.

Thanks again for the insight into Tera-Flex tires, :)


Ibought the Maxxis 7305IT and it was of the bike after one short ride. The groung out here is way to hard for that tire with the torque the BRP puts out. Maxxis 7301HT is a better tire out here but, if your in softer dirt that tire would work.

I weighed these four tires on a packaging scale:

Tera Flex Type 2 140/80 is 18.5 pounds (DOT tire)

Pirelli M21 RalleyCross 130/90 is 16.5 pounds (DOT tire)

Maxxis 7305IT M68 120/100 is 16.4 pounds (Intermediate Terrain)

IRC M5B 140/80 is 14 pounds (Soft Terrain) I will be trying this at Piglet Fest at Yucca Valley.

I don't know how much the extra weight makes the cluch slip. I am sure me dumping the cluch at 8,000 rpm on hard pack is harder on the cluch then 2 pounds of extra spinning weight. :)

I just got a '95 XR600 in Idaho Falls, pretty stock except Supertrap pipe. Dealer offered to replace the rear tire. Mechanic in the back said he was running the Tera-Flex in the mountains in Eastern ID and loved it. Another associate preferred it to his paddle at St Anthony dunes. Based on this I had him put the Tera-Flex 140/80 on the XR. Seems to fit ok, except for a little rubbing on the black plastic chain guide. This thing is a monster. :) Will be using on the hills behind my house, some rocks, some soft, some potato fields, some dirt roads, lots of forest trails. We'll see. Retail was $92.99.

I reccommend that you check to be sure that monster will clear your muffler when the suspension is fully compressed. I had a 140 something or other on mine and it rubbed the stock muffler just enough to wear off the paint. I have the Maxxis IT mentioned above in 120/100-18,me likey. I ride lots of rocks and sand washes. Have fun with your bike, you're gonna love it. :) Is there any good riding in the Island Park area? I lived in Bozeman for awhile in the early 90's (MSU)- loved it but was mainly into mountain biking at the time.

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