Starter motor?

Are the 450 and 250 starters the same???? BTW. This question arose because of the wire cutting mod that decreases the cranking time before start up!!!!!!! Don't so it

Don't so it

I assume you meant "don't do it" ??

Sorry...I don't mean to correct you...I just want to make sure I understand your point because I was just about to go and do that starter wire mod (disconnect the blue/white wire), and if you've found that it created a serious problem for you, I'd sure like to know about it. Maybe you could explain what happened?

Maybe I should reconsider doing it (the mod)...I can certainly live with it like it is.

Sorry..can't help you in terms of starter interchangeability.

I've done it to my '06 and have had no negative side-effects. You have got to love newbies. Maniac

Ya, I just toasted either my starter or starter clutch aswell .

I had carb issue I was trying to work out and had also just disconnected the blue/white

wire at the same time, not saying it was the disconnected wire that caused my problem,

more likely my frequent E-restarts and/or too long pressing the button . Now my starter

makes a screeeching noise pretty consistantly if I use it and sometimes when I kick it.

After searching threads I learned the bushing fails alot in the starter and is somewhat easily

replaced cheaply If you buy the right bushing (not available from yamaha) A new starter is

almost $250 !!!!! .Or it could be the starter clutch- $170+.

I guess I will be kicking it for awhile.

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Hey Maniac998 I may new to the forum but but I've slid more miles on my arse than you've rode ya bike,, the wire cutting mod caused the starter to fry, there has been a few cases of this happening, the motor has no momentum before it fires,

Sorry about that! My "newbie" statement did come across as harsh, and for that I apologize. But I'm going to go ahead and disagree with your statement that cutting the blue/white wire caused the starter to fail. I just don't see it happening. Of course, this is just my opinion, so I could be wrong, but I can live with myself if I'm wrong about another thing in my life! But seeing as how you claim that disconnecting that wire burned up your starter, I would just like to point out that no other manufacturer other than Yamaha has this "starter momentum" built into it, and yet they don't burn up there starters. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm..................I wonder why that is?


Thanks for the apology , not really sure what caused starter to fry but this is the only thing that I changed,also my comeback to you initial reply was uncalled for,

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