Uni Filter - Oil Mess...


I have an un-corked 650L with a foam Uni Filter. The oil is a freak'in mess... What do you guys do about this? Cleaning? Handling? Alternate solutions?

Thanks in advance.




I know what you mean, that filter oil is messy stuff, I get it every where, I would like to know what guys are doing. What kinda oil and cleaner they are using.

I use JP-1 oil and cleaner and I guess it works ok but the oil makes a mess everywhere...it's sticky!

Use NO-TOIL! :):D:D

This stuff is great! It uses an alcohol carrier, and has it's own powder soap that you just add water to clean. The stuff is super sticky so I like to wear rubber gloves to oil the filter, but it cleans up easily and there are no nasty cleaners. I just take a paper towel and wet it with the cleaning water to clean the airbox and cover while the filter is soaking.

It is good enough that Honda has it re-labeled as the Honda Pro-Oils Biodegradeable air filter oil. Same stuff, you just get to pay extra for the Honda packaging. :D

Try it, the only problem you will have is trying to give away your old oil so it does not go to waste.

Seems like I remember being told not to use No Toil oil with a UNI filter?? Something about an incompatibility (sp) between the oil and the glue on the filter?? :) Anyone else heard this? :D

forget no toil. even if it works, it's spendy and in my case, inconvenient.

1) when handling air filters and air filter oil, wear rubber exam gloves available at most super markets and all drug stores.

2) drop dirty air filter into a bucket of mineral spirits (paint thinner) for a few hours. mineral spirits are available at any hardware store, lumber yard, or paint supply store. it is very cheap and it removes ALL the oil and dries quickly (compared to water).

3) keep some simple green around for washing your hands afterward (if necesary).

4) if you decide to go with no toil, it works fine with uni filters.


I have been through over a gallon of No-Toil on my UNI filter (the one with the Al frame) and it cleans up and looks like brand new. No glue problems at all.

I just hate mineral spirits between the stink and the fire hazard. The water based No-Toil is for me. It is not that bad cost wise if you can get your dealer to get some gallon jugs of it. If the No-Toil gets a little to thick for your liking just poor some Isopropol Alcohol in it to thin things up.

Try PJ1 Foam Filter Cleaner in a spray can. Using disposable gloves remove filters, set on a clean surface and spray. Let sit for 10 minutes. With a hose end sprayer the dirt and oil will wash easily. Let dry throughly. Use PJ1 Foam Filter Treatment (Oil) also in a spray can. Let dry about 5 minutes. Reinstall filter and you are good to go. No mess. This is the easest method. I have tried simple green, mineral sprits,soap/water, sol etc.

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