Machine Shope Question


Anyone know of a good shop close to eden valley to get a Rod pressed in?

Don't really feel like going to St Cloud to Ickler where I normally go.


if youre talking about getting a wristpin pressed onto the rod to hold the piston then any automotive engine rebuilding/machining shop will do it. Im in michigan so i dont know any local shops for you. The shop by me charges 10 bucks to press on or off a rod for a chevy 350. If you cant find any, you can do it yourself by heating the rod till it slightly changes color, laying the piston over the rod then pressing the wristpin through by hand but be careful to get it through all the way and where you want it otherwise youll have to have it pressed out because the metal shrinks quick once the heats off. good luck!

Sorry, I meant getting a new rod in the crank itself.

I ended up bringing it to Precision Cycle in St Joe and they charge CONSIDERABLY less than where I used to go.

(Side Note) at the rate I rebuild bikes... I might want to invest in a press....

Any Idea how small of a press you can get away with?

oh gotcha sorry about that. And that is a good question, id call the place that pressed it in and ask them what tonage it took to go in. It only took a few tons to press off pistons for me. Id think a 5 ton would do but i havent pressed a rod on a crank before.... You may be able to get away with a cheap harbor freight press if you arent doing it all the time but you get what you pay for.

dont you have to true a crank after you put a new rod in it.

dont you have to true a crank after you put a new rod in it.

I was thinking the same thing. Have you ever done it before anywhere? (At work, in a shop on the side as a hobby?)

If you find a good shop that will do it for you cheap, I woudn't bother buying one. How many could you pay them to assemble compared to the price a press would be? You could try asking Bill Bune some questions about press size and alignment but some shop owners like to keep things close to their vest.

Treesmacker, you must not have read my entire post...Well, great minds think alike.

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