Gearing a 2007+ 450 question

I am due to replace the stock sprockets & chain on my 2007 WR450F. Stock gearing is 13/50. I have always considered a 13 tooth countershaft sprocket small and that causes more wear on the chain. Was thinking of going to a 14 on the front and 53 on the rear. That would give me slightly higher gearing than stock (3.841 vs 3.786) and since I am replacing the cahin the added size does not matter to length. My question is have anyone run that gearing and is there any downside to going bigger (14) on the front and bigger (53) on the rear as far as fit and clearance issues?

I run a 16t front sprocket. just barely fits

From a 15 to a 13 there is maybe 3% faster wear. That is the least of your wear issues......

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