3 questions

When you get a kit from Race Tech to revalve your forks, it eliminates the mid valve so I would you can eliminate it without problems if you have the knowledge.

What 3 parts are you talking about to interchange with a 2001 from a 2000?

The oil from the black breather hose is normal as long as it is only a few drips. If your oil is over serviced you will see a little bit more than usual, otherwise nothing to worry about.

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1 can i take off the mid valve if i ride only enduro n off road - not moto? what does the mid valve do?

2 i saw in the former topics that i can replace 3 parts from the 2000 yz 426 to the 2001 parts - can i use the wr426 2001 parts instead ( thats what i can find in stock at my dealer shop)?

3 after every ride , specialy when i ride hard , i can see a few drops of oil from the over flow hose. is it something wrong or is it normal , how can i check/fix it if its wrong? ( i checked the oil level n i have 50-100 cc more then max)

i read somewhere that if u change the 2000 parts to the 2001 folowing parts - friction plate,clutch boss spring and the seat plate of the yz426 the clutch will work better....

i was wondering if the 2001 wr parts and the 2001 yz parts are the same and if i can put the wr426 parts in my yz426 2000?

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