Tuff Performance

I just bought a new 2012 crf 250 and am keen on the tuff performance package. However, i have sent quite a few emails to the email address on their website but never get a reply. Does anybody know if the address on the site is still current as they havent updated the site for a while. I could ring them but would rather email due to time differances. Any help would be appreciated.

this has been an ongoing problem with the company it seems that every one that finally gets a hold of me says they can never get through on the phone or emails and they say the web page is hard to navigate through. Im sorry that its so dificult for you to get this package thers not much i can do about it im the development person the sales are in dekalb IL.and they need to handle that part of it.The package is worth getting its cutting edge hp numbers range from over 45 to nearly 48 hp depending on whos dyno is being used.

Thanks Ron, i guess i will have to start trying to call on the phone. I will PM you the questions i have for the kit.

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