How to properly identify what year my yz125 is

I bought it being told it was an 2009. one forum told me the 10th digit and another told me the 11th is the number that signifies the year. ive been rebuilding the forks and the free piston is identical to that of my 2010 crf 250 so id say the forks are 2009 but frame and engine are unknown.

should be the 10th. the vin should be on the right side frame under the steering stem. just type that into google and you should find out what it is. there are a few free vin sites that will tell you all about the bike.

Call Yamaha. That is what I did. Some of those VIN sites are not accurate. I bought a 1999 YZ250-----I bought it as a 2002. Call Yamaha.

Hope this helps!


i cant seem to get any Google results will have to call the dealer tomorrow the vin is JYACE16C68A012998 and engine number E120E-013080

Here's what I get from this site

2008 YAMAHA YZ125



World region:


Manufactured in:








Body style:

Moto Cross

Drive type:



1 Cylinders

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Yep, 2008 is what i got too, which the tenth place '8' means as well.

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Thanks mate thats an awesome site,

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