XR 650r 1/4 mile times

Well we went down there tonight my xr ran 15.5 @ 80 mph as my fastest...Is the xr650r ('02) governed at 80 mph??My worst pass 16.3 @ 80 mph and EVERY (7 passes) pass was exactly 80 mph....PS this was with knobbies and NOT uncorked.....

It's not governed, but the XR650R is a dog in stock corked form. Even my sons XR280 feels faster than a stock XR650R when it comes to straight line performance. When uncorked with stock 14/48 gearing, the XR650R becomes a different bike and will do 100 MPH no problemo.

NOT uncorked.....

Now that you know what it runs "corked", un-cork it, and run it again. Should be a marked difference.

Would this be the same night a modded DR350 slapped everyone around? Small world I heard all about this.

How and why would you ride it corked up?????

Open the thing up, gear taller and duck down as close as you can to the bars going down the strip and keep our arms in against your body. Not sure what type of helmet you have but you need something that's fully enclosed and make sure you are wearing clothes that fit fairly snug. Leathers would be the 1st choice. With no fairing, you need all the help you can get.

I'd think you should be able to run in the mid to low 13's no problem.

I've run my UNCORKED '00 XR650R at the Texas Motorplex before, and out of three passes the best was 13.16 @ 102mph.

Would have been better but I was running stock gearing and the bike was already topped out halfway down the strip.

I think it would be better in the 1/8, since it hits top speed so quick.

Also, I was running 80/20 dual sport tires. Otherwise the bike was not modified except for uncorking/jetting.

My '97 CR500 ran 13.24 @ 98mph for comparison. It too, was topped out before the halfway point,and running stock gearing.

Running a dirtbike in a quarter mile sounds like such a kick in the a$$. I know my CR500 would be maxxed out even if I had 13/45 gearing. I should try it sometime with one of my fast bikes (not the ST1100 aircraft carrier)

Yo FTY, a 13 tooth countershaft sprocket?I ran my '90 500r for 11 years with a 15.Bigger front = higher top speed(smaller rear-same)i know stock was 14/51. :)

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