shim sizes for 03' wr450f

hi, i just wanted to no the lowest shim size i can go on exhaust and intake, just droped a 1.70 and 1.65 size shime in exhaust and she's runnin like a dream, was gettin sum nasty back fireing crackels so i ripped her apart and slaped her back togeather, ( according to manuel spec) :thumbsup: , and i was back on the attack now i just need them shim specs if any would be so kind as to let me no how far i can go it would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much :thumbsup:

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According to the Yamaha manual (which you desperately need) the smallest shim size available from Yamaha is 120.

But that's not what you need to do!!! You need to set the valve clearances to .10mm-.15mm on the Intakes and .20mm-.25mm on the Exhaust. You do this by reading the manual and looking in the chart, which will tell you what shim size you need. Do you know what your clearances are currently at? Maniac

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