120/100 tires

The 120 fits my YZ fine, but the larger silencer on the WR may not clear the side knobbies.

I think they are a must in sand, all I’ve run since I replaced the stocker is 120/90-19 rears (I had a D752 leftover from my KX 500 which comes with that size), all Dunlops though, and different makes may be sized a little differently.

In other conditions they may actually be a hindrance but all I know is the desert and they work great for that.

no problems with fit. even the 130's are OK.


I'm running a 120 and everything seems fine to me. The only thing that I noticed is when I roll it backwards it rubs a little on the shock mud flap.

Im using 120/100 dunlap 752, no problems here, except the backing up problem with the mud flap..

Any benefit or disadvantage to running a 120 tire? My dealer has a put 120/100 tires on sale at a great price as someone ordered the wrong size. I know my bike came with a 110. Will the 120 fit or will it really change anything?

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